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Dyson is a global technology company that transforms every category it enters with iconic inventions that work, perform and look very different – it’s about better ideas and better technologies, to solve the problems that others often ignore.

Dyson was founded in 1993 by Sir James Dyson, who remains Chief Engineer. From its beginnings in cyclonic vacuums, Dyson’s portfolio has grown to include five main areas of technology: Cord-free and corded vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, lighting, environmental control machines (purifying fans, heating and cooling fans and humidifiers) and hair styling tools, which are sold in more than 75 countries across the world.

Today, Dyson is continuing a £2.5bn investment programme in long-term technology and employs more than 12,000 people worldwide, a third of whom are engineers and scientists. Whilst the Dyson started with vacuum cleaners and this is certainly a core part of our business, we are rapidly expanding into new categories.
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The following products are not eligible for rewards :
434675-01 : Dyson Zone™ headphones with air purification (Prussian Blue/Bright Copper)
434668-01 : Dyson Zone™ headphones with air purification (Ultra Blue/Prussian Blue)

Effective 23.01.24 the following are now eligible for rewards

504522-01 Supersonic Ceramic Pop
504583-01 Airwrap Long Ceramic Pop

Effective 18.10.23 the following are now eligible for rewards

304640-01 Dyson 360 Vis Nav robotic vacuum
330847-01 Dyson 360 Vis Nav robotic vacuum
447809-01 Dyson Gen5outsize Complete
447650-01 Dyson Gen5outsize Absolute
448802-01 Dyson V15s Detect Submarine
448842-01 Dyson V15s Detect Submarine Complete

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